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Exciting updates!

Hello everybody! I have been working really hard to get my current project for the site finished and presentable. I don’t think it will be long before I add it to the site. There will be an accompanying post when it is released but I am too excited to not tease you all! Hopefully youContinue reading “Exciting updates!”

Army ants

Army ants are just as intense as they sound. They are the Mongol hordes of the ant world. They are relentless, brutal and I love them. They can hunt all the insects in a particular area of rain forest that they need to move to new areas. They build living bridges, homes out of theirContinue reading “Army ants”

Oecophylla: weaver ants

So the vote from a recent post ended in a tie which really did not help me make the decision on which ants to write about. Someone commented saying they liked weaver ants so here they are. Your comments always influence the content on this site. Weaver ants of the Genus Oecophylla are some ofContinue reading “Oecophylla: weaver ants”

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