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Like what I do here? Maybe you would like to read about not-ant stuff. Well you can at my other facts site using the link below. Terrified of climate change? I know I am. Read about my idea of how to help fix it here:

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All of you

So I am a sucker for data, data visualisation and geography. Seeing as the new year is upon us, I decided to Make a pair of charts and tables just so I could visualise where you are all from! I thought some people might be interested so here you are All of this information is…

Conservation, Climate , Ants and other Invertebrates- Part 1

Small preface time: This article is the first of a series I am releasing and has a lot of overlap with my master’s thesis. If the wording seems a bit odd, that’s because it is. Without going into too much detail, self-plagiarism is a thing, and I would rather not have to deal with that.…

Why Taxonomy Sucks

I am writing a small and interesting article and it ended up going on a massive tangent about why taxonomy is so bloated and such a pain. The article really lost its way but it needs the context of taxonomy to make any sense so this post will basically be a brief overview of how…

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