My Uganda trip

Today’s post is going to be very different and, hopefully, enjoyable or at least interesting. I am going to share most of my ant pictures I took on my 2018 trip to Uganda I went on with my University. Instead of just showing you, I thought you might enjoy helping me Identify the species! My biggest weakness when it comes to ants is identifying down to the species level. That is where you will help me! I am going to have many of my pictures below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Excuse time. Many of these pictures are….subpar. Ants move very fast. Many of these were taken while trekking through the rain forest. Basically I am pretty all over the place with picture quality. Please be kind to me and each other. Comment your identifications on our Facebook Page and your name (if you want it to be) will be put under the picture if you get it right! Enjoy!

This first ant is an Odontomachus species of Trap Jaw ant. I have no Idea on the species! This photo was taken on a beach on the eastern coast of Lake Victoria.

Our second ant is a Camponotus worker found in Entebbe, Uganda.

Third on our list is another example of Odontomachus found in Entebbe. It might be the same species as before but it may be different!

Now from Kibale National Park we have a very blurry Camponotus worker.

I will be honest this one stumped me. I had a vague idea but I forgot. This was huge at over an inch long!

Here is a nice varied collection of sausage flies, males of Dorylus.

Number 7 is what I believe is a Pheidole major on the right but I could be wrong. Also a dead male of some unknown species on the left.

A shameful display here! But it is a nice shiny abdomen of what I believe is either Camponotus or Polyrhachis. I did warn you these pictures would vary in quality!

Number nine are workers of what I think are Myrmicaria species feeding on various dead things.

Last up is a Camponotus major. I was very careful to not let my finger get too close!

So there you have it. Something a bit different! As you may know I am currently approaching the deadline of my Master’s Thesis and I don’t have time to research for new articles. If you enjoyed this I have plenty more ant photos. Would you like to see a few more posts like this?

I will catch you in the next post. Thanks,


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