My Uganda trip part 2

I know this post is a bit bare bones. Currently working on my masters thesis. Stress. Oh the stress so please bare with me. It seems you enjoyed the last post so here is more of that! I suggest you read that one to figure out whats going on! Here we go.

We start with a terrible picture that will be nearly impossible to get an ID from! Good luck. I am thinking Camponotus but I am not sure.

Second one of today is a beautiful Polyrachis species. I seem to remember her having wing scars that are hard to see in the image so I am pretty sure she was a Queen!

Another alate Queen. I would have thought Colobopsis but they haven’t been recorded in this area. That being said, the species are poorly studied in this area so who knows?!

Another Camponotus queen. Not sure on the species either.

Dorylus driver ants! These were so much more impressive in person. You can’t understand the scale of their swarms until you see them in person! Here are some of my videos of them!

Are they good videos? Probably not. Are you all sick of hearing mine and my friend’s voices? Probably. Either way, ignoring all of that, the content is cool. If anyone can give me a species you will be my hero. I have more footage of a different swarm which may have been a different species so stay tuned!

If you want to know what self control is just picture yourself as an ant lover surrounded by exotic queen ants and resisting the urge to smuggle them all home in my luggage!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these and any help on species ID would be amazing. My biggest weakness when it comes to ants is identifying down to the species level. That is where you will help me! I am going to have many of my pictures below and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Excuse time. Many of these pictures are….subpar. Ants move very fast. Many of these were taken while trekking through the rain forest. Basically I am pretty all over the place with picture quality. Please be kind to me and each other. Comment your identifications on our Facebook Page and your name (if you want it to be) will be put under the picture if you get it right! Thanks,


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