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Army ants

Army ants are just as intense as they sound. They are the Mongol hordes of the ant world. They are relentless, brutal and I love them. They can hunt all the insects in a particular area of rain forest that they need to move to new areas. They build living bridges, homes out of theirContinue reading “Army ants”

An update and a vote!

Hello everybody I hope you are all well. The mega-project I am currently working on is really mega so it will be quite some time before it is released. I don’t want to leave you without any new content for that long and, quite frankly, I need something else to do for a few days.Continue reading “An update and a vote!”

Bullet ants and pain

If you have heard of ants then I am pretty sure you have heard of bullet ants. If not then oh boy you are in for a treat. So sit back, relax and get ready for my first post of 2021! Bullet ants, Paraponera clavata, are a large species of ant found throughout Central andContinue reading “Bullet ants and pain”

I am back

Hello everybody! I am now slowly getting back into writing these blog posts now that my master’s in complete. I am currently writing a new post for the new year and if you want to see me cover any topics or answer any questions please let me know in the comments on this page orContinue reading “I am back”

December Giving

Hey everybody! Now I know I have a small audience but I really want to try to do some good to help make 2020 a bit better because, lets face it, 2020 has been absolute pants. Which is why and and all money I make on Patreon in the month of December will be donatedContinue reading “December Giving”

I am still here

Hello everybody, it has been a while. I am sorry for the lack of content recently, my masters project has been eating me alive. I do have some good news and some bad news. The good news is my project is almost finished so I will be getting back into posting more regularly. The badContinue reading “I am still here”

My Uganda trip part 3

This is part 3 of my “I am very sorry but my masters project is killing me please have some pictures of ants” series today. For part 1 and an explanation of what is going on please read this post. For the last instalment please read this one. Here we go. To start today weContinue reading “My Uganda trip part 3”

My Uganda trip

Today’s post is going to be very different and, hopefully, enjoyable or at least interesting. I am going to share most of my ant pictures I took on my 2018 trip to Uganda I went on with my University. Instead of just showing you, I thought you might enjoy helping me Identify the species! MyContinue reading “My Uganda trip”

Your ants

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all doing well. In the near future I will be covering ant keeping. I will start with the hows and whys and then go from there. If anyone knows why to keep ants it is the ant keeping community. So I would love to see your formicaria and setups. IfContinue reading “Your ants”

Ant colony founding

Ant colonies. They all start somewhere. With the thousands upon thousands of species there are so many different ways that these colonies start off. I will be upfront, this will probably have a second part. I will probably get carried away and make a post several thousand words long. And nobody wants that. So letContinue reading “Ant colony founding”


Within a colony, there is a lot of work to be done. So many different tasks need completing. From foraging to feeding, from defence to digging, all of these roles require different actions and abilities. An average ant could probably complete these tasks, although not very well. Some tasks they couldn’t complete at all suchContinue reading “Castes”


Just a very quick post to announce we now have an Instagram page! Follow for updates and featured questions and pictures from the community! Follow and enjoy! Thanks, Alex. If you have enjoyed this site and its content please consider donating so I can add more content in the future.


Hey everybody, Alex here. Today’s post is very different from usual but it is just to officially announce I have a Patreon page. I have linked it in all my posts but haven’t advertised it yet. I love writing these posts and reading up on ant facts but it takes a while. Writing it takesContinue reading “Patreon”

Become scientists!

I recently heard about an app in development and I reached out to the creators to ask if I could write about it. I genuinely love this app idea and am writing this out of my own volition. I contacted them with some questions and I used this information to write this post. Enjoy! SoContinue reading “Become scientists!”

Ant or Termite?

So, termites are fascinating animals and deserve to be respected in their own right instead of just being a comparison to ants. Let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page if you would be interested in some termite content. I am more of an ant person but would be willing toContinue reading “Ant or Termite?”

Ant Life cycle

OK so today we’re going to cover the life cycle of an Ant. Where insects such as butterflies have a simple circular life cycle, ants do have a circle but it’s got bits coming off of it. Small like a life sun If anything. Anyway, I will try my best to explain it and asContinue reading “Ant Life cycle”

Ant Evolution

In this post will be covering how, when, why and who ants evolved. This is an exceptionally long story. The Lord of the rings is a film series that’s nine hours long. That is pretty long. How I Met your mother was nine seasons and that was just about how he met a woman. SoContinue reading “Ant Evolution”

What is an ant?

This seems like a very easy question to answer: Ants are small things that ruin picnics. While this is technically true, I promise you that the full answer is much more interesting than that. It is much more complicated too but all interesting things are! Ok so ants are animals that live in colonies thatContinue reading “What is an ant?”

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